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Legacy 2 Super Rare Holofoils

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Code Image Price Description  
J-DL2-033 J-DL2-033 $4.99 Japanese DL2 - Dark Hole (Holofoil)
J-DL2-034 J-DL2-034 $4.99 Japanese DL2 - Raigeki
J-DL2-046 J-DL2-046 $4.99 Japanese DL2 - Gaia the Dragon Champion (Holofoil)
J-DL2-070 J-DL2-070 $9.99 Japanese DL2 - Swords of Revealing Light (Holofoil)
J-DL2-082 J-DL2-082 $0.99 Japanese DL2 - Monster Reborn (Holofoil)
J-DL2-092 J-DL2-092 $6.99 Japanese DL2 - Summoned Skull (Holofoil)
J-DL2-106 J-DL2-106 $9.99 Japanese DL2 - B. Skull Dragon (Holofoil)
J-DL2-135 J-DL2-135 $0.99 Japanese DL2 - Change of Heart (Holofoil)