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Amazoness Archers [ DR1-EN151 Super Rare ]

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Amazoness Archers [ DR1-EN151  Super Rare ]
Code: DR1-EN151
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Amazoness Archers [ DR1-EN151 Super Rare ]
Super Rare
Dark Revelations 1
DR1-EN151-Amazoness Archers [Promo Super Rare ]
You can only activate this card when your opponent declares an attack and if there is a monster(s) on your side of the field that includes "Amazoness" in its card name, or is named "Amazon Archer". All monsters on your opponent's side of the field are changed to face-up Attack Position (Flip Effects are not activated), and as long as they remain face-up on the field, their ATK(s) are decreased by 500 points. Your opponent must attack with all of his/her monsters.