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Japanese Cards

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DC-Chaos-set DC-Chaos-set $8.99 This set of TWO(2) cards comes with: The Ritual Creature card Black Luster Soldier. The Magic Card Ritual of Chaos. These cards are from the Dark Cermony Promo Packs Chaos Soldier stats: 8 Stars 3000 Attack 2500 Defense
jap-FGD jap-FGD $5.99

(F G D) Five Gods Dragon: (Dark/Dragon)12 Stars, 5000 Attack, 5000 Defense, Effect: Fusion(Any Five Dragons). May be only delt damage by Light-type monsters. This monster can only be Special Summoned with a Fusion Summon. This card requires 5 Dragon-class monsters as Fusion-Materials in order to be Fusion Summoned. This card does not receive battle damage from Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Dark-type monsters.

Japanese-exodia-set   $59.99
P3-01 P3-01 $4.99 %OUI%


P3-08_Gate_Guardian P3-08_Gate_Guardian $4.99 %OUI%