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YuGi Evolution Starter Deck

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YuGi Evolution Starter Deck
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Yu-gi-oh Evolution Starter Deck Set (unlimited Edition

These Brand Nedw Yugi & Kaiba Evolution Decks contain 1 half of the cards are from popular booster cards & the other half depending on the deck you choose....there will be 3 new cards unique to Each deck. These Brand New cards are versatile & can be put into different decks (Exodia deck, Gravekeeper's deck, Warrior deck, Ritual monster deck, or Dragon deck!) Decks also boast all new packaging graphics, a Sure Hit for collectors and gamers alike!

Each Deck contains:
* 25 cards from the original starter
* 22 reprints of cards from various Yugioh expansions
* 3 completely New cards
* 1 Ultra Rare and 2 Super Rare cards! (Kaiba deck will contain Kaiser Seahorse and Yugi deck will contain Black Luster Soldier