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Lord of the Storm Structure Deck (SD8)
# of Cards
42 cards
Strucure Deck
June 1st , 2010
Lord of the Storm Structure Deck (SD08)

Structure Deck Lord of the Storm Contains: 40 Common Cards., 1 Ultra Rare Card, 3 Super Rare Cards, 1 Beginner’s Guide, 1 Game Mat

Lord of the Storm (SD8) is the eighth TCG Structure Deck. It is centered around WIND-Attribute monsters—especially "Harpie Lady" and other Winged Beasts—and Spell/Trap destruction. Featured cards include "Simorgh, Bird of Divinity", "Slate Warrior", and "Hysteric Party".

Spellcasters Command 1st Ed. Deck
1st Edition Spellcaster's Command Deck
Spellcasters Command is a Structure Deck with 40 Cards , including one Ultra Rare Card -
Endymion, The Master Magician SDSC-EN001
Plus a Rulebook, Deluxe Gaming Mat and a Dueling Guide
1st Ed Warriors Strike Structure Deck
# of Cards
Type of Deck
40 Cards
Structure Deck
October 27, 2009
Warrior Strike Structure Deck 1st Edition
CONTENTS •This Structure Deck has everything a Duelist will need including a 40-card (1 Ultra Rare, 2 Super Rares) theme Deck, rulebook, deluxe game mat, and Dueling Guide with instructions on how to enhance the Deck with cards from existing boosters like “Reinforce Truth” from Ancient Prophecy or “Assault Armor” from Crimson Crisis.

The Warriors Strike Structure Deck is intended for players who know the basic rules, and are looking for a launching point for a competitive Deck. Seasoned Duelists will be scrambling to get the 6 new cards, while casual Duelists will find the cards needed to be more competitive! The Warriors Strike Structure Deck is a ready-to-play Deck combining 3 themes: Warriors, Equip Cards, and Gemini Monsters (which were first introduced in Tactical Evolution).
XYZ Starter Deck - Dawn of the XYZ
# of Cards
43 cards
Starter Deck
August 2011
Dawn of the XYZ Starter Deck
  • Includes 43 cards, with three exciting foil rares.
  • 1 Dueling Guide , New Game Mat and Rulebook
  • Click here to see the Dawn of the XYZ Singles
The Dawn of the Xyz will introduce a brand new type of monster, the Xyz Type! Pronounced ik-seez these monsters are made from anti-matter and feature a black boarder. In addition to this new monster type,Dawn of the Xyz features classic Mirror Force and Swords of Revealing Light! The Zexal anime it is Hot